It’s an online auction platform directly organised and managed by AS Roma. Moreover, it’s the only channel the club uses to sell authenticated shirts worn by the first team and collected by the club after every match.
Mainly authenticated AS Roma shirts.
AS Roma. We’re working on this initiative with our IT partner CharityStars.com, who are managing the financial transactions.
Once costs relating to the transactions and technical support involved are deducted, all proceeds are given to the Roma Cares Onlus Foundation, to be used for the projects and initiatives supported by the foundation.
The winning bid on every auction will be subject to a CharityStars commission of 5% plus VAT, to be used to cover costs relating to technical support, as well as another commission of 2.5% to cover costs relating to bank transactions.
Each auction will be won by the user who has made the highest offer. It is free to take part in the auctions. Any bids made in the last two minutes of the auction will reset the timer to two minutes, thus giving other users the opportunity to make a counter offer. The auction will continue to be extended until there are no further bids.
To place a bid during an auction you must verify your account via text message. You’ll be asked to enter your mobile phone number and then the four-digit PIN number that will be sent to you. You will only have to do this once and it will serve to authenticate the user. This is a necessary security measure that will help to ensure that the site works correctly.
In order to guarantee the security and authenticity of bids, CharityStars requests that users register their credit or debit cards. This simply verifies your bid and has no other purpose whatsoever. The payment method can be changed at a later date. No costs will be incurred by the user when registering a card.
You can pay via Paypal, credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) or bank transfer.
10) When do I need to pay?
Payment must be made within 72 hours of the end of the auction, except where clearly specified in the description of the auction itself. If payment is not made within this time period, the user will be given a penalty charge equal to 50% of the end value of the auction. More information can be found in the Terms and Conditions.
11) Is it possible to withdraw a bid?
No. Once you place a bid, that bid is irreversible. If you win the auction, you must finalise payment in accordance with the pre-accepted Terms and Conditions. In the event of non-fulfilment, legal proceedings will be opened to extract the enforced payment of the full sum at the court of Milan, which is the only competent legal forum. The subject of the auction will be then put back on sale or offered to the second-highest bidder.
12) What is the reserve price?
The reserve price is the minimum price for which an object can be sold. The true value of the reserve price is not visible to users. If a user places a bid under the reserve price, they will be notified of this on completion of the offer. If an auction closes with no bids over the reserve price, the value of the reserve price will be revealed to the user that placed the highest bid, so that they can decide whether to accept the reserve price and complete payment. If they decide not to accept the reserve price, the auction will be considered unsold.
13) How will I know if I’ve won an auction?
The winning user will be notified via email at the end of the auction.
14) Packaging
Each authenticated shirt is delivered in a handmade numbered collector’s box, created in engraved wood and Plexiglass. The cost of each box is €20 plus VAT and is automatically included in the auction sale price. The shirts are simply folded inside their box, with no fastenings or clips. Each box shows the season in which the purchased shirt was authenticated and also includes an identification number to guarantee uniqueness.
16) What difference is there between the authenticated shirts sold at auction on aste.asroma.it and other authenticated shirts available through other channels?
After every first team match, AS Roma collects a number of shirts based on various parameters: result, scorers, statistical milestones, the colour and type of shirt used, unique features and the rarity of the shirts in question. Aside from the added value of having been used in sporting competition by the first team, the shirts sold on aste.asroma.it are the only ones to be accompanied by a written certification from AS Roma. The shirts on sale at aste.asroma.it are the only ones for which AS Roma can guarantee the match they were used for. To guarantee the collector’s value of the shirts purchased through aste.asroma.it, AS Roma packages the shirts in an exclusive numbered box showing the season in which the purchased shirt was worn.
17) Can I opt to participate in an auction anonymously?
No, you cannot participate in an auction anonymously. This is because in order to complete a bid, you have to insert your personal data. This data will be processed with the utmost respect for your privacy. If you give your consent, in the event that you win an auction you will appear in the final list of donors to the Roma Cares Onlus Foundation.
18) Can the winner choose the charitable organisation to receive the proceeds?
No, you cannot choose the charitable organisation to receive the proceeds of the auction. All proceeds from auctions on aste.asroma.it will be given to the Roma Cares Onlus Foundation. Therefore, by winning an auction you can be sure that your money is going to a good cause.
19) What it the AS Roma Authentication Programme?
Before every competitive or friendly match, a white thermoadhesive label bearing the AS Roma logo, a unique, non-sequential serial number and the words ‘Matchday Authenticated’ is applied to every shirt prepared for the first-team players. The labels show that the shirts have been prepared by AS Roma and distinguish them from fake or counterfeit shirts.
20) When did the authentication programme start?
The authentication programme started with Liverpool 0-1 Roma at Fenway Park, Boston on July 23, 2014. Before this match, there were no ‘Matchday Authenticated’ shirts.
21) Has AS Roma authenticated shirts from the youth team?
Yes. As of today, only those shirts worn by the Primavera at the Final Four of the UEFA Youth League contested in Nyon, Switzerland in April 2015 have been authenticated.
22) What is the serial number on the thermoadhesive ‘Matchday Authenticated’ label there for?
The serial number marks the start of a particular shirt’s journey – the match for which the authentication label was applied.
23) Is it possible for two shirts to have the same serial number?
No. AS Roma traces the serial number, shirt and match combination internally and will instantly identify any attempts at forgery or counterfeiting and pursue legal action where necessary.
24) Can authenticated shirts be used for more than one match?
Absolutely. Any undamaged shirts not collected at the end of the game can be reused on one or more occasions.
25) Does AS Roma record how many times and for which matches an individual shirt has been used?
Not right now. AS Roma registers the match when a shirt is first used and the match after which it is collected by the club. For example, after the 1-2 win over Atalanta on November 22, 2014, we collected the shirt worn by Adem Ljajic, which had originally been prepared for the summer tour of the United States of America.
26) Does AS Roma intend to provide a certificate of authenticity with every shirt sold?
Yes. Every shirt that goes to auction on aste.asroma.it or is sold directly by AS Roma will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity issued by the club.
27) Will the certificate of authenticity distinguish between authenticated shirts worn by the players during a match and those authenticated shirts prepared as reserve shirts for that match?
Yes. During the registration and auction phases, AS Roma will define shirts worn by the players either starting the match or coming on as substitutes as “worn”. Where it is not possible, for procedural reasons, to establish if a particular shirt was actually worn during a match, AS Roma will always mark them as “prepared”. Any shirts worn by players who were unused subs during a particular match will also be marked as “prepared”. This distinction will avoid any confusion for users of aste.asroma.it by guaranteeing the proper valorisation of the items up for auction.
28) I have a shirt and want to have it authenticated by AS Roma.
At the moment, the club is not authenticating private property. If you have a shirt that you believe to be of historical importance, you can contact us by writing to archivio.storico@asroma.it.
29) I’ve been offered an authenticated shirt. How can I verify its true authenticity?
For all queries relating to the AS Roma Authentication Programme, the club has created an information service for fans. Please contact authentication@asroma.it for more information.
30) How can I get in contact about the Authentication Programme?
AS Roma has created the authentication@asroma.it email address for all queries not covered by this FAQs page. For practical reasons, it won’t be possible for the club to respond to queries relating to issues already covered by the above FAQs.

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